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A book when redistributed, saves a lot of trees otherwise that would be cut to make paper. Support a sustainable environment for future generations.

What we accept

  • School Books
  • College Books
  • Board Games
  • Fresh Stationery
  • Story Books
  • Other Books

We will accept:

  • Schools textbooks and notebooks.
  • Hardcover and paperback books in good condition.
  • Jigsaw puzzles and board games are accepted.
  • Unused stationery products.

We will not accept:

  • Books which are heavily damaged.
  • Board games which have missing pieces.
  • Adult books and other stuff will not be accepted.
  • Do not donate Non educational magazines.
  • We will not accept used stationery products.

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Our Donation Center

I love to read books , many times due to financial constraints i didn't get a chance to read books.With Let's Read 4 Life my thought process synchronized and we started collecting the books and distributed them among poor and needy and those who like to read the books. Donate those books here which are not useful for you!!!You will happy if you know someone life has changed by your little contribution.

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I am an Engineering student and i like to contribute to this cause because i believe with invent of new methodology and reading technologies student lost interest in reading books. They think buying books is no good investment. I think if free books are available then reading community will increase along with interest in reading.I distrubute collected books to those who are interested to read books.

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We are small city collection center. Lot of people quit education because of poor conditions. With books donation center , we also run campaigns and events to bring back interest of those who quit education due to many reasons. We will be happy if we can bring change even in single person life.Donate books here so that we can redistribute among poor and needy.

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