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We works for the welfare of human beings.

Scheduled upcoming events at different geographical locations related to books and education. You can register to join existing events or you can create your own events.

23 Nov - 2019 Nov 23, 2019 Finished
There will be a motivational and inspiration lecture on focus and also techniques to keep distraction away and importance of focus in your life
09 Nov - 2019 Nov 23, 2019 Finished
This event is target for teaching effective communication tips and most important to remove the fear of public speaking .
03 Nov - 2019 Nov 17, 2019 Finished
All Students are requested to come together to clean Delhi roads and public area and to organize public awareness about importance of hygiene and keeping our surrounding clean
29 Mar - 2019 Mar 31, 2019 Finished
The first step in solving our air pollution crisis is to ensure that all Delhi citizens have proper information about this problem and how they can protect themselves.
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